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Do Not Sell My Personal Information

We do not sell your personal information for money. We may allow certain third parties (such as certain advertising partners) to collect your personal information through automated technologies on the Gameplaytrick websites and applications in exchange for non-monetary consideration (such as an enhanced ability to provide you with service. content and advertisements that may be of interest to you).

California law defines selling broadly. Depending on the products / services you use and how you use them, we may have sold (as defined in the CCPA) the following categories of information about you in the past 12 months to categories of third parties such as data analysis providers and advertising networks:

  • Connection and Usage Data
  • Device Identifiers
  • Geolocation Information

If you are located in California and would like to opt out of selling your information, you can do so by pressing the “Do not sell my personal information” button below:


When you unsubscribe, we will place a cookie on your device to identify and save your preference. This only applies to the browser you were using and only to the device you were using at the time you saved your preference. If you access Gameplaytrick websites from other browsers or devices, you will also need to make this selection on each browser and device. If you clear your browser’s cookies after deactivation, your browser will no longer remember your preference and you will need to reset your preference.

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